MESSAGE FROM THE CLUB: Mt Hallowell Trail Update

MESSAGE FROM THE CLUB: Mt Hallowell Trail Update
MESSAGE FROM THE CLUB: Mt Hallowell Trail Update
The Denmark Mountain Bike Club recently met with stakeholders at Mt Hallowell to decide the future of the existing trails at the lower portion of the hill. It was a great opportunity to meet other stakeholders and discuss their various concerns. Following the discussion, a decision was made to keep the primary trail that riders are currently using, rehabilitate all other trails and focus on developing the Turner Rd site as a full trail network. 
The Club fully supports this decision and we are encouraging all other members and riders to respect the efforts made in rehabilitating all the other trails. We feel that the effort to successfully rehabilitate and revegetate Mt Hallowell is the first step to re-building trust in the community. 

Recently, some revegetation works occurred at Mt Hallowell but took place in the wrong area by mistake. This has been addressed and will be reworked in accordance with the agreed map above.


  • A number of the lesser used trails will be revegetated. These will be signed with ‘Let it Grow’, so users can see that they are Shire sanctioned revegetation areas.
  • The main trail line will remain untouched.
  • Members encouraged to RESPECT the revegetation efforts of volunteers.
  • Club members are welcome to assist in the revegetation efforts.
  • Recent works on the primary trail were an honest mistake and have been rectified.

We thank you for taking your time to read through this and look forward to seeing you out on the trails soon.

Denmark Mountain Bike Club Committee

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